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Your Workplace Rights

Unions & Collective Action

Unions & Collective Action Facing an organizing campaign at work (or want to get involved in one)? Already a union member but don’t understand how

Workplace Injuries/Health & Safety

Workplace Injuries/Health & Safety Is your workplace unsafe? Are you worried about getting hurt at work? Wondering what to do about it? Find the answers

Privacy & Workplace Surveillance

Privacy & Workplace Surveillance Privacy is a commodity that many Americans hold near and dear to their hearts. However, this treasured right to privacy can

Intern Rights At Work

Intern Rights At Work Together, Workplace Fairness and Pay Our Interns have partnered to create a Know Your Rights resource for government interns & fellows.

Hiring & Classification

Hiring & Classification Looking for a new job? Wondering if the questions you were asked at the interview were legal? This section addresses some of

Employment Discrimination

Discrimination If you believe that your employer is treating you differently because of your race, sex, gender, age, sexual orientation, or national origin, you may

Harassment & Other Workplace Problems

Harassment & Other Workplace Problems Whether you’re being pressured to have sex with your boss, forced to listen to foul language or slurs, or wondering

Whistleblowing & Retaliation

Whistleblowing & Retaliation Fighting back when you see your employer doing something wrong can be scary, and risky. But there are laws that can protect

Unpaid Wages/Wage & Hour Problems

Unpaid Wages/Wage & Hour Problems Not getting paid what your employer owes you? Are you forced to work overtime, but not receiving any extra pay?

Benefits & Leaves

Benefits & Leaves For most employees, your job isn’t just about the pay, but also what benefits are included. Sick leave, disability leave, family/medical leave–the

Termination & Unemployment

Termination & Unemployment Whether you were suddenly fired, laid off, or asked to resign, you’ll want to know what happens now that you are out

Note: The information here discusses Federal and some state laws. While similar to Federal law, California employment laws often provide additional protections and damages.