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Read common sense explanations of many California employment law issues by The Employment Law Center, a non-profit law firm offering litigation, counseling and advocacy in the area of employment law:
Read about California Anti-Discrimination Laws from the California Civil Rights Department (“CRD”), the State agency created to enforce and interpret those laws:
Before you can file a lawsuit for discrimination or harassment under California law, you must usually first file a discrimination complaint with an administrative agency, such as the CRD. You can set up an appointment to ask for an investigation here: Note: The CRD system is designed for unrepresented persons, but we recommend speaking with an employment lawyer before you file your claim. If you are close to the deadline (typically three years from the bad act) you should proceed on your own.
You can also an request an immediate right to sue letter from the CRD, here: Note: Typically this should only be done by persons who are represented by an attorney.
Read about California overtime and other wage and hour laws from the State of California’s Division of Labor Standards Enforcement:
You can file your own overtime or other wage claim with the State of California’s Labor Commissioner – with procedures designed so that you can represent yourself: Note: Typically we recommend that an experienced employment attorney handle a claim. You should at least try to consult with a lawyer before filing such a claim.
Workplace Fairness, a non-profit organization working to preserve and promote employee rights:
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